Small companies in non-technology sectors, find it a daunting task to pronounce a Technology Strategy, instead, the majority of them do not even have it. Not having a successful Technology Strategy can drain a corporation’s resources, push them behind the competition or they might even cease to exist. This report offers basic advice for small business owners on where to begin. Following are a few factors to take into consideration when creating an effective Technology Strategy.Planning for technology which keeps the company in legal and government Compliance comes before anything else. Last thing a company wants is becoming distracting from core commerce and going bankrupt contesting litigations. By way of instance, a restaurant company should have technology intended for Sales Tax, PCI Compliance, and Employee Time sheets etc.


Core Business and Client Experience

Technology which facilitates core business and customer experience comes next. These are what directly generate revenue and these are the solutions what clients pay for. This is the place; a company must appropriately plan for and allocate funds for. By way of instance, for a restaurant company to be profitable, it has to have good technology set up to take clients’ orders, implementation in the kitchen and assistance. If the clients don’t get what they ordered or get too late, then it will influence the restaurant’s business. While providing free WIFI internet might help in enhancing customer experience.

Marketing and Digital Reputation

For a business to attract clients, not only it must announce its Existence to the clients but always make buzz to keep ahead of the competition. Effective marketing is a really critical element in any business’ success. In today’s internet savvy world, the majority of the client’s research about any product or service on internet before they purchase it. That makes having and keeping good digital standing on the world wide web very important for any organization. This is what a company must plan for following and allocate appropriate funds. By way of instance, a restaurant business may want a site informing customers about restaurant and the menu. Using internet marketing over traditional advertising channels can be more successful as they empower reaching larger audiences at substantially lower price.Next thing to consider is planning for technologies related to improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Once you have figured out what you want, it is time to plan for how to acquire these capabilities.